5 Recomended Information Security Tools/Services

I recently had a coworker ask me for some advice about protecting their personal computers. After our conversation, I realized that the information was worth sharing with others so I decided to consolidate it and post it to my blog.

Here’s a list of 5 recommended information security tools/services that I recommend using to protect yourself and your family…

  • Password Manager – I’ll be the first to admit that memorizing passwords can be very frustrating. It seems like each site has their own unique set of requirements. It’s almost impossible to memorize dozens of unique/secure passwords. There’s no need to attempt the impossible when there are really great/free password vaults available. While there are a lot of options to choose from, my favorite is LastPass.
  • Antivirus – It’s entirely possible that you can still fall victim to a virus or ransomware infection while using an antivirus program. Even if the traditional antivirus program only blocks 8/10 malicious attacks, it’s worthwhile to catch the low hanging fruit. It’s important to note that you should leverage an antivirus even if you have a Mac. With great and free programs like Sophos, there’s no excuse why you should have a PC/Mac without antivirus.
  • Cloud Backup – I can’t stress enough the need to have a copy of your data stored off-site. With threats ranging from house fires to ransomware, you’re always a split second away from loosing access to all of your data. This could include everything from your tax documents to your photos. The best offense is a good defense. It’s important to have a plan in place in the event that everything else fails. Automated cloud-based backup services like Carbonite are a huge part of that plan.
  • VPN – Ever get nervous while connecting to a hotel’s WiFi? Installing Freedome VPN on your phone, tablet and laptop can help prevent your Internet traffic from being intercepted while you’re connected to public WiFi.
  • Credit Monitoring – You’re going to be a victim of a data breach. It’s not a matter of if or when but how often. Even if you have all the best tools/services to ensure that you’re able to prevent identity theft, it’s worthwhile to invest in credit monitoring to make sure that you’re able to detect identify theft.