“Adam approaches everything he does with integrity and quality in mind, seeking only the optimal outcome for all stakeholders, not an ego boost. As a thoughtful and diligent leader, he brings deep subject matter expertise and true humility; improving everything he works on. Adam is the guy that you can trust to deliver on any challenge, focused on solving problems, rather than if they are “his problem” or not. I’m lucky to call him a mentor and a friend.” -Ben Burgett, Product Manager at Facebook

“Adam is a top-notch IT professional and was a pleasure to work with at American Health Holding. He introduced a high-level of professionalism to the company’s infrastructure team and installed help desk processes that provide world-class response times and customer service to company users. Adam would be a great addition to any company looking to upgrade their IT capabilities.” -Alan Braybrooks, SVP of Business Intelligence at Prodigy Health Group

“Adam has built a strong Infrastructure team spanning many different disciplines including hardware resources, implementation of enterprise software, telephony, and most recently bringing application and networking security to the forefront.

He is an engaged member of the IT leadership team, strong team leader and mentor, and he is involved within the IT Columbus community as well as leading IGS as the first i.c. Stars Columbus project sponsor. Adam has set a high bar for his team and has exceeded in delivering results.” -Gene Pavell, Senior IT Manager at IGS

“Having worked alongside Adam for over a year I can attest to his capability and competency. While highly proficient in all portions of the directory services suite he specializes in what is perhaps the most valuable skill to have, adaptability. Simply stated, we would all be fortunate to have a team member of his caliber and skill. As a now former peer I’m hopeful that we’ll team up again in the future; as a friend I wish him nothing but the best as he takes the next step forward in a very promising and fulfilling career.” -Kurt Nicklow, Systems Engineer at Ascena Retail Group

“As a Call Center Manager, the support Adam gave our team was above and beyond. From telephone system, computer upgrades, and day to day activities, Adam was always available to help and guide no matter how small the request. His communication and support to ( non IT) staff was refreshing!! He was instramental in opening up lines of communication and understanding between Operations and IT resulting in great respect and teamwork.” -Sue Rabb, Call Center Manager at American Health Holding

“I worked with Adam for over a year at Microsolved. Adam has a wide variety of technical skills and adapted quickly to the new and constantly varied work that comes with being at MSI. Much of the work went well beyond the traditional boundaries of infosec. Adam became adept at open source intelligence and – most importantly – was very articulate and well-spoken in describing findings. He could explain stuff. Beyond his obvious intelligence, he also struck me as a genuinely kind and caring person. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again and recommend him to you highly.” -Jim Klun, Security Engineer at MicroSolved

“I’ve known Adam Luck now for a few years and I can wholeheartedly recommend him without a second thought! I worked with him when I was in a position as a peer, but clearly I was the junior technician at the time. From the very beginning of our work relationship, Adam made himself available for any questions that I may have had, which made my learning curve that much easier and bearable. He was always the first to step up to a challenge and face it head on, even if we had very little knowledge of how to go about answering the clients requests. He would research the given subject matter and find a way to meet if not exceed the client’s exceptions each and every time! After working with him I can recommend him without question. He is a highly effective mentor, co-worker and leader. If you should have any questions regarding Adam or wish to contact me directly you may at” -Preston Kershner, Team Lead at MicroSolved

“I had the pleasure to work with Adam in his threat intelligence work. I found his communication – both with clients and colleagues – to be clear, direct, and easy to understand. He has the capability to explain abstract technical concepts to less than technical clients, and leave them with a full understanding of their results. His attention to detail and management of deadlines went far to keep all projects and engagements on track and on schedule.” -Lisa Wallace, Security Engineer & Project Manager at MicroSolved

“Adam is a super guy to work with. Not only is he very detail-oriented and technical, he has a great sense of humor. Working as a consultant at American Health Holding, it was clear that all the employees who reported to Adam liked him and were happy to work for him. Adam can really do anthing technically – he just figures it out; management, server maintenance, help desk, SQL Server, telecom…If you hire him, you will be lucky!” –Kristina Rotach, DBA at American Health Holding